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Société d’Habitation et de Développement de Montréal is a major achievement for structuring real estate development projects. Mandatary of the City of Montreal, it’s also a big real estate administration It is for this reason that the SHDM ensures the sustainability of its buildings.

Built in 1949 , the 5 buildings with a total area of approximately 14,000 square feet each and located at 5500, 5520 , 5530 , 5560 and 5590 Victoria Avenue in the Borough of Côte-des-Neiges – Notre- Dame-de -Grâce have benefited from a major exterior renovation making them waterproof siding and reassuring solidity.

Work done

  • Deep pointing with lime mortar
  • Dismantling of brick walls
  • Repairs of the structure’s composition (masonry or wood), depending on address
  • Installation of an air barrier Tyvek or insulating panel, depending on address
  • Install membranes on the perimeters of all building openings
  • Installation of a new or existing brick depending on the area of work
  • Replacement of custom concrete sill
  • Replacement of finished pointed black granite stones
  • Replacement of lintels with galvanized steel lintels
  • Caulking of all openings