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The Sacré-Coeur Elementary School (Kindergarten to Grade 3) of the Vallée-des-Tisserands School Board is located at 9, Ronaldo-Bélanger, Sainte-Martine. The construction of this building dates from 1940 and has a capacity of 302 students. Its architecture is classic and reflects the history of the construction of "little schools" in Quebec.

Work done

  • Deep pointing of all masonry joints with lime mortar
  • Replacement of all broken bricks with matching bricks
  • Replacement of all steel lintels with galvanized lintels
  • Dismantling bricks and rebuilding sections with new anchors
  • Installation of Helifix stainless steel anchors
  • Cleaning of all oxidation stains on the brickwork with specialized soap
  • Replacement of all windows
  • Insulation work and installing new membranes
  • Caulking of all windows
  • Painting of all classes
  • Epoxy injection in the cracks of the concrete foundation
  • Rehabilitation of earth, grass and asphalt